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Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works provides perimeter security and access control products and services to Businesses, Industries and The United States Government.

Chain Link Fencing Is The Versatile Standard In Providing Security At An Economical Rate Point.

Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works can specify and set up a security chain link fencing system to suit your requirements. Our business uses lots of types of wire mesh fence including galvanized, aluminium, and vinyl coated in a range of colors. Chain link fencing can be an inexpensive security alternative for companies, markets, and industries.

Chain link fencing has been the item of choice for security fencing for over 60 years because of its strength,durability, “see thru capabilities”, ease of setup, versatility, variety of item choice and value. A chain link fence is one of the main building blocks for a facility’s perimeter security system.

The physical security barrier supplied by a chain link fence and  wire mesh fence provides one or more of the following functions:

  • Notifies legal boundary of the outer limitations of a building or facility.
  • Assists in controlling and evaluating authorized entries into a protected location by preventing entry elsewhere along the border.
  • Supports monitoring, detection, assessment, and other security functions by supplying a zone for setting up intrusion detection devices and closed circuit tv (CCTV).
  • Discourages casual intruders from permeating a protected location by providing a barrier that requires an obvious action to get in.
  • Shows the intent of a burglar by their obvious action of acquiring entry.
  • Causes a delay to obtain access to a facility, thereby increasing the possibility of detection.
  • Develops a mental, psychological deterrent.
  • Minimizes the number of guards required and frequency of use for each post.
  • Enhances the use security personnel while improving the abilities for detection and apprehension of unapproved individuals.
  • Shows a corporate concern for facility security.
  • Supplies a cost effective approach of protecting facilities

Security Professionals Keep In Mind

We strongly encourage you to likewise reference the CLFMI publication: Tested and Proven Performance of Security Grade Chain Link Fencing Systems (CLF-TP0211) With this newly-released 12-page report, security and fence specialists have the information and test data needed to specify and choose security grade wire mesh fence systems based on the time needed for forced entry penetration or its capability to safeguard individuals and home from automobile effect. These screening results supply the information to make a well informed, rational decision.

Security Planning

Chain link fence enhances the objectives of excellent security planning. Extensive security planning takes into account the objective and function, environmental concerns, risks, and the area of the center to be secured. This can be translated into an A-B-C-D technique that explains the worth of chain link fencing to a security program.

A. AIDS to security. Chain link fencing helps in the use of other security equipment, such as using intrusion detectors, access controls, electronic cameras, etc. Wire mesh fence can be utilized as aids to security in an exterior mode or an internal protected property, as a point defense, and for general protection as needed.

B. BARRIERS for security. These can be buildings, chain link fences, walls, short-lived checkpoints, etc.

C. CONTROLS support the physical security chain link/wire mesh fence and barriers, such as an access control system connected into vehicle gates and pedestrian entry, various level of recognition badges and temporary badges, security escorts, and internal policy and procedures.

D. DETERRENTS such as a chain link fence, guards, lighting, signs, and checkpoint control policies are a few of the deterrents that make sure intruders will consider it difficult to successfully gain access.

Industrial Grade Wrought Iron Fence

When properly utilized, the elements of the A-B-C-D technique reinforce and support each other. Therefore a chain link/wire mesh fence is also a deterrent, and a barrier, if need be. By integrating A-B-C-D, enough obstacles are created to prevent an intruder from obtaining information that is being worked on throughout the day in the regulated gain access to area and then is protected at night, weekends, and holidays through the application of the security thorough concept.

More importantly, bear in mind that a chain link and wire mesh fence are the common measure of the A-B-C-D system and will reduce general risk, secure the environment, and decrease security expenses if developed and set up properly.

However, thinking that a fence will eliminate all illegal access is not sensible; a fence system will only delay or decrease intrusion.

Looking for a first-class business with a proven track record to defend and the authority to secure?

Our Latest Projects

Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock and Headquarters

In June 2023, Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. began the installation of the entire perimeter security package for the F1 Headquarters and Paddock in Las Vegas. This project will include a variety of welded wire fencing, permanent and removable, as well as a large number of gates. We are proud to be a part of the centerpiece to this historic event in Las Vegas.

Intuit Dome: New Home of the Los Angeles Clippers

In January 2023, Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. will begin breaking ground on the perimeter security package for the Intuit Dome and new home for the Los Angeles Clippers. This project will include the entire Perimeter Iron Fencing and Gates, K-Rated Bollards, Hydraulic Wedge Barriers, and Guard Booths.

we offer over 50 years of experience and quality craftsmanship in the industry

Complete Solutions and Services

At Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, we furnish and install commercial fencing and related products to fit all types of job requirements; from aesthetic applications to maximum-security projects. We offer a variety of other amenities to increase the usability, functionality and protection of your environment.

General Contracting

We will manage all aspects of the job to ensure it is completed on schedule and to our clients satisfaction whether it be construction, entry system, landscape, Irrigation, and/or electrical.

Custom Fabrication

Golden Bay Fence has met a wide variety of interesting custom fabrication challenges. From the draft through the installation we are proud to serve our clients with professionalism and artistry.

Material Wholesale

We provide materials for chain link, ornamental, hand rail, fittings, pipe, and iron and metal components to fit your needs.

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A nationally recognized commercial fence contractor, Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works provides perimeter security and access control products to business, industry and the government.

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Providing Superior Quality and Excellence for Generations.

Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. is owned and managed by Paul Chavez and Nick Chavez, third generation of fence erectors. Their Knowledge and experience allows for diversification and expansion of products and services. They continue tradition of quality craftsmanship and outstanding service.

Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. was founded by Floyd Chavez and Fred Chavez who each had over 50 years of experience in the industry.

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Client Testimonials

Paul and his team are excellent at addressing challenges thrown at them. They do not make excuses on why things cannot be done; they solve problem for you by doing what can be done. When we were in a bind, Paul would throw resources at our project to make sure we were successful. Their attitude is a great fit for our high-visibility and high-maintenance project in San Francisco. Additionally, Golden Bay’s crew cared for installed work by others, and took great care to make sure their metals were protected during transport. I would definitely like to work with them again.

– Dominic Fung | Project Manager, Walsh Construction Company

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to Mike and his crew of workers ( Golden Bay Fence Plus ) for installing the new fences at Rio Vista. Thank Mike and his crew for their hard work and dedication since June 16, 2022. I’ve seen lots of contracted crews at Rio Vista in the years that I have worked here. They would leave the place unkept, tools left out, gates left open etc. Mike’s crew has always been polite, professional, well mannered and gentlemen. Not one time did they leave any of the areas that they were working at unkept, they cleaned up and made sure the gates were closed and locked. If it were left up to me I would have Mikes men (Golden Bay Fence Plus) contracted to do all MDUSD schools that need new fencing.

– Gerald Glasper | Mt Diablo Unified School District

Huge thanks to the whole Golden Bay Fence Team for the outstanding work put in place at the Las Vegas Stadium. You were faced with numerous challenges, but there wasn’t a fence or barrier that could prevent the GBF team from getting done!!! I hope to work with your team in the future!

– Jeff Tharp, Project Manager at Mortenson | McCarthy Joint Venture

I have enjoyed working with you and your team on many projects over the years. I hold you and your team in high regards. It is refreshing to work with someone who possesses the character that you do; furthermore, these attributes are reflected by all individuals in your organization and the execution of each project…look forward too many more years of project partnerships.

– Jan Kelleter, Chief Estimator at Robert A Bothman Construction

 I have worked with Golden Bay Fence on numerous projects over the years at the San Jose airport ranging from temporary security fence to installing the new perimeter security fence and barrier wall. Both their crews in the field and their office staff do excellent work.  I would highly recommend them for any upcoming project!

– Jim Mitchell, Senior Project Manager at Graniterock Company

 It has been a real pleasure working with your team at Pleasant Hill Elem. School perimeter security fence. I can’t say enough about Mike Root, Leo, Alex and the rest of your crew for their A++ customer service. I have zero complaints from the site and that is a testament to your crew. Keep up the good work!! I will definitely put you in my A list contractors for all of our future projects large or small. Thanks once again.

– Dinah Baharin, Senior Construction Manager at Mount Diablo Unified School District

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