Static Vehicle Barriers

Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works provides perimeter security and access control products and services to Businesses, Industries and The United States Government.

Security Measures for Static Vehicle Barriers

Security should be one of the primary issues that businesses should have deeply embedded within their management processes and systems. Establishments are always a good target for vehicle-borne threats which can come in the form of vandalism or even through aggressive attacks from a determined terrorist or criminal. The weight together with the mobility of a vehicle can be conveniently used as a weapon for malicious individuals and even as a delivery method for explosives. Golden Bay Fence Plus Ironworks primary goal is to prevent hostile individuals from breaching a perimeter successfully or completing a criminal act and accomplishing their goals. This type of security system is ideal for use in businesses, crowded public spaces and even in utility plants.

There are various security measures that can be used to reduce the vulnerability of an area from vehicle-borne threats. This equipment is important because they can help stop or minimise casualties in the event of malicious activities.

Barricades: Barriers & Blockers

Golden Bay Fence Plus Ironworks provides a range of high-quality Static Vehicle Barriers that have been crash tested and are capable of providing maximum security for very sensitive entry or exit points from vehicle threats. Any unauthorised entry from vehicles will result in the complete destruction of its chassis if it attempts to force its way through these barriers. 

We also offer a family of durable bollards that are designed to allow entry for pedestrians while stopping vehicle traffic from moving past. We have attractive designs for our barricades that are ideal for use in inner-city surroundings and even for traffic management.

Crash Fencing

Crash fences are made to protect perimeters from accidental, terrorist or criminal attacks from malicious individuals. The fencing products we offer are designed and have passed various tests for these purposes. These barriers are specially designed having a shallow foundation and could be installed directly on soft ground if needed; it is also possible to have these installed in short and long runs.

Vehicle Security Gates

Golden Bay Fence Plus Ironworks also provides vehicle gates that are designed to withstand impact from vehicles weighing as much as 16,535 pounds running at 40mph to 50mph. Our gates can give you the lowest penetration classification for its class with a shallow foundation which makes for a great engineering solution for protection against vehicle threats. We also have high-performance impact resistant security gates that are placed fully above ground.

These barricades are designed to obstruct both vehicles and pedestrians and can provide as much as 11.5 to 19.7 foot opening spans. Determining the kind of vehicle-borne threat that your establishment may be faced with is important. Contact us now to learn more about how our team can help you.

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Our Latest Project

Allegiant Stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders

In August of 2019, Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works was awarded the contract for the new home of the Allegiant Stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders. The project will include the installation of Iron Fencing, Steel Guard Railing, K12 Rated Bollards, Hydraulic Bollards, and Hydraulic Wedges.

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At Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, we furnish and install commercial fencing and related products to fit all types of job requirements; from aesthetic applications to maximum-security projects. We offer a variety of other amenities to increase the usability, functionality and protection of your environment.

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We will manage all aspects of the job to ensure it is completed on schedule and to our clients satisfaction whether it be construction, entry system, landscape, Irrigation, and/or electrical.

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Golden Bay Fence has met a wide variety of interesting custom fabrication challenges. From the draft through the installation we are proud to serve our clients with professionalism and artistry.

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We provide materials for chain link, ornamental, hand rail, fittings, pipe, and iron and metal components to fit your needs.

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A nationally recognized commercial fence contractor, Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works provides perimeter security and access control products to business, industry and the government.

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Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. is owned and managed by Paul Chavez and Nick Chavez, third generation of fence erectors. Their Knowledge and experience allows for diversification and expansion of products and services. They continue tradition of quality craftsmanship and outstanding service.

Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. was founded by Floyd Chavez and Fred Chavez who each had over 50 years of experience in the industry.

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 I have worked with Golden Bay Fence on numerous projects over the years at the San Jose airport ranging from temporary security fence to installing the new perimeter security fence and barrier wall. Both their crews in the field and their office staff do excellent work.  I would highly recommend them for any upcoming project!

– Jim Mitchell, Senior Project Manager at Graniterock Company

I have enjoyed working with you and your team on many projects over the years. I hold you and your team in high regards. It is refreshing to work with someone who possesses the character that you do; furthermore, these attributes are reflected by all individuals in your organization and the execution of each project…look forward too many more years of project partnerships.

– Jan Kelleter, Chief Estimator at Robert A Bothman Construction

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