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Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works provides perimeter security and access control products and services to Businesses, Industries and The United States Government.

Traffic Bollards Come in Four Main types

Security Bollards are specifically designed for its purpose and has its own benefits and limitations. Within these groups, there are sub-groups. Also, bollards that fit in those categories can also fall into other sub-categories less dependent on function and more on aesthetics.

Architectural Bollards might be any of the above, but are also designed to also include pleasant or unique shapes. A Lighted Bollard is simply a bollard with a light source built in either to add conspicuity to the bollard or to light the surrounding area.

Four main types of Traffic bollards:

  • Embedded Bollards
  • Surface Mounted Bollards
  • Surface Mounted Bollards
  • Retractable / Removable Bollards

Certain types of bollards discussed are more or less appropriate for each application, depending on the required function.

Shallow Mount Bollard

An anti-ram system and method of construction having a shallow mounted base pad from which extend a plurality of bollards. Very little or only a shallow excavation is required for the base of the bollard system, which can be partially or fully assembled prior to bringing it to the installation site. The shallow mounting pad or base of the bollard system of this type may be formed or constructed in various ways and of various materials, and in various configurations. The shallow mounting pad or base is constructed so as to have considerable mass. The system has been designed and tested showing it meets the requirements and achieved a successful certificated rating.

Surface Mounted Bollards

This type of bollard uses some sort of anchor system, usually mechanical, to mount the bollard to the surface. Although this is an inexpensive method of installation, it also is not a very secure method. Upon impact, the anchors are often the weakest link and quickly give way, leaving a tilted bollard and damaged foundation. However, when the purpose of the bollard is more to provide a mere presence or psychological barrier, this type of installation is most cost effective. It also may be necessary to use shear bolts in a post-tensioned concrete structure in order to prevent impact to the bollard to potentially compromise the building.

Embedded Bollards

Embedded Bollards are simply bollards which are embedded deep into the ground. This is usually for added strength and security. Embedded bollards can be made out of any common bollard material, be it steel, concrete or even wood, however the bollard will only be as strong as the foundation in which it is buried. A steel post filled with concrete and buried very deep within a reinforced concrete foundation will be strong indeed. On the contrary, a wooden post buried in soft sand or dirt will not provide as much protection.

Costs for this type of bollard can be significant when coring out existing concrete or asphalt surfaces. It also potentially weakens the foundation, and therefore may not even be appropriate in an application such as a structural concrete parking deck. On the other hand, when placing a bollard in an unpaved area, this is perhaps the least expensive and simplest approach.

Retractable / Removable Bollards

Not all applications for bollards are intended to be permanent or always prevent access. As such, retractable and removable bollards have been designed to allow the owner or a potential traveler access the area normally denied by the bollard.

This is typically done in one of several ways. The lowest technology is the pipe-in-a-tube method where a socket is created in the ground. The bollard can then be removed from the socket when access is to be granted. This is inexpensive, but requires manual intervention to access the area. A second way is through the use of pivoting bollards. A locking pin is used to hold the bollard upright under normal circumstances, and removed to allow the bollard to lay flat when a vehicle is to pass over it. These bollards are generally flat in shape to allow for vehicle clearance. Often, the pin is locked in place with a padlock to prevent unauthorized access.

Finally, the most expensive method is the automatic retractable bollard. Usually hydraulic powered, the bollard actually retracts straight down into the ground and becomes flush with the surface during access. Actuation of a hydraulic bollard can be by any number of methods, from security guard push button to remote controls and toll booth pay systems.

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Our Latest Projects

Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock and Headquarters

In June 2023, Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. began the installation of the entire perimeter security package for the F1 Headquarters and Paddock in Las Vegas. This project will include a variety of welded wire fencing, permanent and removable, as well as a large number of gates. We are proud to be a part of the centerpiece to this historic event in Las Vegas.

Intuit Dome: New Home of the Los Angeles Clippers

In January 2023, Golden Bay Fence Plus Iron Works, Inc. will begin breaking ground on the perimeter security package for the Intuit Dome and new home for the Los Angeles Clippers. This project will include the entire Perimeter Iron Fencing and Gates, K-Rated Bollards, Hydraulic Wedge Barriers, and Guard Booths.

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Paul and his team are excellent at addressing challenges thrown at them. They do not make excuses on why things cannot be done; they solve problem for you by doing what can be done. When we were in a bind, Paul would throw resources at our project to make sure we were successful. Their attitude is a great fit for our high-visibility and high-maintenance project in San Francisco. Additionally, Golden Bay’s crew cared for installed work by others, and took great care to make sure their metals were protected during transport. I would definitely like to work with them again.

– Dominic Fung | Project Manager, Walsh Construction Company

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to Mike and his crew of workers ( Golden Bay Fence Plus ) for installing the new fences at Rio Vista. Thank Mike and his crew for their hard work and dedication since June 16, 2022. I’ve seen lots of contracted crews at Rio Vista in the years that I have worked here. They would leave the place unkept, tools left out, gates left open etc. Mike’s crew has always been polite, professional, well mannered and gentlemen. Not one time did they leave any of the areas that they were working at unkept, they cleaned up and made sure the gates were closed and locked. If it were left up to me I would have Mikes men (Golden Bay Fence Plus) contracted to do all MDUSD schools that need new fencing.

– Gerald Glasper | Mt Diablo Unified School District

Huge thanks to the whole Golden Bay Fence Team for the outstanding work put in place at the Las Vegas Stadium. You were faced with numerous challenges, but there wasn’t a fence or barrier that could prevent the GBF team from getting done!!! I hope to work with your team in the future!

– Jeff Tharp, Project Manager at Mortenson | McCarthy Joint Venture

I have enjoyed working with you and your team on many projects over the years. I hold you and your team in high regards. It is refreshing to work with someone who possesses the character that you do; furthermore, these attributes are reflected by all individuals in your organization and the execution of each project…look forward too many more years of project partnerships.

– Jan Kelleter, Chief Estimator at Robert A Bothman Construction

 I have worked with Golden Bay Fence on numerous projects over the years at the San Jose airport ranging from temporary security fence to installing the new perimeter security fence and barrier wall. Both their crews in the field and their office staff do excellent work.  I would highly recommend them for any upcoming project!

– Jim Mitchell, Senior Project Manager at Graniterock Company

 It has been a real pleasure working with your team at Pleasant Hill Elem. School perimeter security fence. I can’t say enough about Mike Root, Leo, Alex and the rest of your crew for their A++ customer service. I have zero complaints from the site and that is a testament to your crew. Keep up the good work!! I will definitely put you in my A list contractors for all of our future projects large or small. Thanks once again.

– Dinah Baharin, Senior Construction Manager at Mount Diablo Unified School District

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